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Integrate into your own software

Integrate Alpemix into Your Own Software

You will use either of the modules AlpemixCM or AlpemixCMX to integrate into your own software. Your authorized operators to provide support log in with Alpemix.exe program. Your customers will have AlpemixCM.exe or AlpemixCMX.exe programs available on their PCs.

Alpemix provide 4 different types of support for our customers.

You should determine which method you will use to support your customers first.


1- Connection by identifying the user name

The customer should have AlpemixCM program on their PC.

A user name and a password will be defined for each customer. When you send these user name and password you have defined as a parameter from your own software to the AlpemixCM program, you can display it online on your customer list.

Your own software will determine on which PC and which user name and password will be sent as parameters.

Your will log into the Alpemix program with your main user name and define a user name for the group of customers. You will do this for each customer. Then you will call AlpemixCM.exe with the parameters from your own software.


AlpemixCM.exe Company User name Customer user name Password

AlpemixCM.exe will called as specified above.

For example, the user name is Teknopars and the customer’s user name yy1 and password is dddd1324.

In such case, it will be called as follows: '...\AlpemixCM.exe Teknopars yy1 dddd1324'

Sample software code:  ShellExecute( handle, 'open', PChar( 'c:\AlpemixCM.exe' ), PChar( ECorpName.text + ' ' + EUserName.text + ' ' + EPSW.text ), '', SW_SHOWNORMAL );


As seen in the figure, when you automatically log into, the customer will see the user in your group of authorized operators.


Your authorized persons will see the customers getting online as specified above.When you double-click on the user name, you can chat and send offers to provide support on the window to be opened.

If you do not want to log in automatically, you can also call the AlpemixCM.exe program in the following ways.

'...\AlpemixCM.exe Teknopars'
'...\AlpemixCM.exe Teknopars yy1'

In this case, when the company user name and customer user name fields are filled in, the program will be operated.


2- Connection by group password

The customer should habe AlpemixCMX program on their PCs.



You will log into Alpemix.exe program with your main user name. Another group will be added to the group of customers and a password will be determined by right-clicking on that group. By doing so, unlimited number of customers can log into the system with the same group name and password. You will have defined just one user name for each of the customers.


You can transfer the company user name, group name, group password and the name to appear on the list from your software to the AlpemixCMX.exe program as parameters. When you call AlpemixCMX with these parameters, it will immediately connect to the list and get online.


AlpemixCMX.exe  Company User Name  Group Name  Group Password  The name to appear on the list


The AlpemixCMX.exe will be called as specified above.


For example, the company user name is Teknopars, group name is group1, password is dddd1324 and the name to appear on the list is ccc1.


...( '...\AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars group1 dddd1324 ccc1', ... )


The name field may not be more than 18 characters.


The last parameter is optional. It may not be used and called in this way: ....( '...\AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars group1 dddd1324', ... )


Software code example: ShellExecute( handle, 'open', PChar( 'c:\AlpemixCMX.exe' ), PChar( 'Teknopars group1 dddd1324 ccc1' ), '', SW_SHOWNORMAL );


Your authorized operators will see your customers connected in this way as seen in the figure.


3- Connection by ID Password

The customer should have AlpemixCMX program on their PCs.


AlpemixCMX.exe Company User Name


AlpemixCMX.exe will called as specified above.


....( '...\AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars', ... )


Software code example: ShellExecute( handle, 'open', PChar( 'c:\AlpemixCMX.exe' ), PChar( 'Teknopars' ), '', SW_SHOWNORMAL );

If you call AlpemixCMX.exe in this way from your software, the program will be displayed on the screen with your logo and opening message. The customer will convey yhe ID and password they display on the screen via telephone or e-mail.


4- Connection by name and surname

The file name of the AlpemixCMX program will be changed.

AlpemixCMX.exe ---> Company User NameCMXD.exe ---> Örnek: TeknoparsCMXD.exe

Change the AlpemixCMX.exe file name as demonstrated above.  Type the company user name registered in the system to the field of file name where written Alpemix.Add D letter to the right of CMD phrase.

This file should be in the customer’s PC as its name changed.

You should log into the Alpemix.exe with the company user name for the system to function properly and adjust some settings.



You should right click on the group of customers and allow for the customers to log in without password.



The customer’s screen will be displayed as indicated above.


The authorized operators' screen will be displayed as indicated above.


Software code example: ShellExecute( handle, 'open', PChar( 'c:\TenoparsCMXD..exe' ), '', '', SW_SHOWNORMAL );


If you call the .exe file in this way from your software, the program will be displayed with your own logo and opening message. And when the customer type their name and surname and press on the connect button, they can get into contact with your authorized operators. Your authorized operators can correrpond with the customers on the list screen and provide support by sending offers.


Installing the service application from the command line:

- Installation with group password:

C:\AlpemixService.exe auto 2 AlpemixMainUserName GroupName GroupPassword nameOnList

Main user name: "Teknopars", group name: "group1", group password: "test1234", name on list: "pc1" is called as follows: c:\AlpemixService.exe auto 2 Teknopars group1 test1234 pc1

if you dont use last parametter the computer name is automatically used instead.

C:\AlpemixService.exe auto 2 AlpemixMainUserName GroupName GroupPassword

- Installation with ID / Password option:

C:\AlpemixService.exe auto 1 AlpemixMainUserName


Retrieve the ID-password of the AlpemixCMX program that you ran from your own application:

You must have already added your logo and welcome message to the system. If this condition is not provided, the system will not work.


When you run AlpemixCMX from your own software with the main user name parameter: For example: 'AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars'
When the program is executed, it writes a value of  0 0 in the clipboard. ( zero space zero )
As soon as you connect to the server and get the id password, it writes the id password to clipboard. ( id space password )
It deletes this value after 10 seconds from there. By reading the value in the Clipboard, you get the ID and password in your program.