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Live Support from Your Website
Easily communicate with customers who visit your web page. You can easily integrate free web chat system to your website.

Alpemix Live Chat for Website

Alpemix Online Web Support System:


What is it used for?

- Allows you to live chat with visitors to your Web site.
- When needed allows you to easily connect to computer of the person you chat with.
- If you're not online, your visitor can leave you a message.
- Companies with multiple support staff can easily manage incoming requests.

Is it free?

You can use it for free if only 1 person will support to your website visitors.
If more than one person is going to support at the same time, each support person must have the Alpemix pro user right.


How can I entegrate web support system to my web site?


1- Sign Up if you are not a member of Alpemix:

After you download and run the free Alpemix app from our web page, follow the below steps for sign up.







2- Login and download the Alpemix web support application:

After logging in, you can download and run the application by clicking Web Support button to the right of your username on the list screen.






3- Get the web code that you will add to your web site:

Run the Web Support app from Alpemix. You can get your site code by pressing the "Web UI" tab and clicking "Your Website Code" option from the incoming screen.
Add the site code to your website where you want to add a live support system and start using it.






Ensure Web support application run automatically when you log in to Alpemix:

When the option shown in the below image is selected, the Web Support app will automatically start when you sign in to Alpemix with your username.
If you dont select this option, you must press "Web support" button and select "Run" from the drop-down menu to open the Web support application.



if no support staff is available setting up the fields that web visitors fill out:

No support staff is online on the web support program. In this case, if a visitor clicks on the live support section from your website, the user is requested to fill in the Name, Phone, Email information.



You can change any of these 3 default field as desired. You can set this setting in the "Web UI" section of the web support application under the "No Authorized User Online" option.
You can also set your company logo to appear on the Web screen from the same page. Only the main user name can change these settings.




How can I connect to computer of person that coming from web?

The support staff sends a link to the suported person.



When the person who receives the support presses this link, a special alpemix application goes down to the computer.
When he/she run this application, a warning appears on the screen.  If he/she selects OK, the support staff will automatically connect to that person's computer.
This feature is only available if the computer operating system of customer is ms. windows.

Support your customers by department:

You can ask your web visitors which department they want to get support from. Ensure that your staff support according to the department.


Select the relevant section and create departments. Select which users to include in which department.


The screen your visitor will see on your web page:



Automatic Department Selection:

You have created departments and identified the authorities within it. Koda ekleyeceğiniz Departman parametresi ile, kullanıcının seçmesine gerek kalmadan istediğiniz sayfadan istediğiniz departman bilgisiyle giriş yapılmasını sağlayabilirsiniz.

<script type="text/javascript" CompanyName="companyUserNameDepartment="?" src=""></script>


How do I pass the parameter from my web software?:

With Param1 and Param2 tags that you add to your website, you can pass 2 parameters to web support system.
<script type="text/javascript" CompanyName="companyUserNameParam1="?"  Param2="?" src=""></script>
For example, you can send the name and the software license number of the person who will take support to the system with these 2 parameters. 
So the person who will support this person can see these 2 information during support.