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How to add logo?

Make Your Own Logo and Greeting Message Appear Client’s Screen:

1- You can save your logo and greeting message to the system by logging in with your main user name.





2- Download AlpemixCMX.exe from the downloads section and change its name to MainUserNameCMX.exe. Let’s say your main user name is Teknopars. In this case, the name of the file should be TeknoparsCMX.exe.

3- You can deliver the new file to your clients via different channels (email, web, USB etc.).

When the application is ran, the logo and the greeting message you saved to the system appears. The moment you change the logo and the greeting message you saved to the system, the logo and the greeting message in all programs change.


4- If you change the name of the file and upload it to your website, you need to update the file in your website every time a version of the application is released. Instead, you can provide the file to be able to downloaded with any name you want via with the code you can add to your website.

<iframe name=alpemix src= style="width:100;height:100;border:0; border:none;"></iframe>
Write your main user name to the FirmMainUserName section above and put the code somewhere available on your website. In this way, when a visitor visits your website, his/her CMX module will be saved to your firm with an available name.