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How to connect multiple different companies to a service?

Connecting to a service which is installed with sub user name from different company:


1- What will do the company that installed the service? :

Right click the service icon at the bottom right of the computer where the service is installed and select "Add another company" from the drop-down menu..

The main user name of the other company is written in the form. Any password can be written to the password section. The other company must have a pro user right too.

More than one company can be added in this way.




2- The company that will connect to another company's service:

The other company informs me of the password after adding me to its service.

When the option is selected, all the companies and sub-user names that have been added me to the service will be displayed.

I select the desired service and press the "Connect" button and connect to this computer when I type the password given.