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Can I Turn on the Closed Computer Remotely and Connect to it?
Because there are so many preconditions, Alpemix does not directly help to turn the computer on and off.
But it can be done by following the steps:
-You can set the alpemix service application up to the computer.
-The base board of the computer should support the Wake-on-LAN feature. If the computer supports it and the feature is turned off, it should be turned on from bios.
-You must have a static ip number.
-You must do port forwarding to the local computer you want to turn on remotely from your modem.
-After these are provided, an action can be done via a software that can send a Wake-on-LAN command and can be found free.
We cannot help on the details of these articles. If the remote computer is turned on as mentioned, the alpemix service will also open, so you can connect to that computer.