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How to uninstall the service application?

A- Normally, the service application assigns its own icon to the bottom right of the computer where it is installed.  It can be easily removed from the computer by right-clicking this icon and selecting the corresponding option.

B- If this icon does not exist: Open the task manager. If there are 2 AlpemixService.exe running, try to end both in sequence. If one ends, the application will restart and the icon will appear in the lower right corner. If the icon appears, the service can be removed by right-clicking.

C- If the action above does not work:

If the service is not installed with a group password: When you switch to any computer and log in to alpemix program with your main user name, if the service application appears online and is not an old service, right-clicking the user name of the service will remove the service application on the opposite computer.

If the service is an older version, it should be updated by right-clicking first. Then, this action should be done.

D- If the actions above are not possible, the following procedure should be applied:

In order:

1- Stop the Alpemix service from Services

2- If there is AlpemixService.exe runs in the task manager, end it.

3- If the windows user name is not authorized, open the command line with administrator authorization.

(Start--->run--->cmd--->start the cmd.exe appeared by right-clicking it and selecting run as an administrator)

If the Windows user name is authorized, open the command line normally.

Write this command from command line: sc delete AlpemixSrvc

4- Delete the c:\AlpemixSrvc directory

5- Delete the c:\AlpemixService.exe application

6- Download the last version from our website and install it again.