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Group Password

You can provide for a group of client to log in by using the same user name and password.

What is the Group Password?

As it is known, you can define a user name and password for your customers by Alpemix and enable them to reach you easily over the list. However, if the number of customers is too much, then it might be difficult to define a user name and password one by one for each of them.
Owing to group password, all your customers may connect with 1 password. Or you may group your customers and assign one password to each group. You don’t have to define a user name and password for the customers. The only thing you have to do is to form a group and assign a password to this group.
If your company has at least 1 pro user right, then you can define a group password by entering in with the main user name or the “Super Authorized” user name which you had defined.


We click on add a group icon on the right of the customers group title. We write a group name on the screen opening and click on “OK” button.


We right click on the group added and select ‘Add Group Password’ option from the menu opened.



We determine a password for the group on the form and click on the “OK” button. As it is seen on the second figure above, our ciphered group is added. Now limitless number of users may login to the list. Now, let’s look at how the users shall connect.



‘Connect with the Group Password’ option of Alpemix.exe or AlpemixCMX.exe programs is used.


The areas in the form opened are filled. ‘Your name to appear on the list’ area may be left blank. All the other areas, except the Group Password area, are filled only for once. In the second entry, these areas come as filled in. If the “Remember” option on the right of the Group Password area is selected,  then the reentry of the password is not required. This way, your customer reaches the list screen in just 2 clicks in the following entries.


We clicked “Enter” button and reached the list screen. We can see the authorities of the company on the list. How to see the user who connected with the group password is shown in the below figure.



The user who connected with the group password is seen as online under the group which I had opened. I double click on the user and private message screen opens up. Now, I can send messages through this window and send an offer to connect. Now, your customers don’t have to call by telephone and give ID password! Limitless number of customers may enter the system simultaneously with the group password you had defined. If you wish, you may group the customers and determine a password for each group.


When you desire, you can change the group password by right clicking on it. However, if there are users connected to the group at such time, they shall be disconnected as soon as you change the group password. In order to delete the ciphered group completely, you right click and select ‘Change the Group Password’ option. And the passwords are left blank on the password assigning screen opened and “OK” button is clicked. Following this transaction, the group takes its normal group form. Afterwards, the group can be deleted with delete the group icon appearing on the right.

How can I integrate this system into my own software?

From your own software, you can pass the company user name, group name, group password and name as a parameter to AlpemixCMX.exe program. When you call AlpemixCMX with these parameters, the list is connected immediately and it is online. Your customer does not need to make any other transactions.
Sending all the values as a parameter:  ....( '...\AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars grup1 PSW isim', ... )
The name space can be up to 18 characters.
Last parameter is optional. It can be called as follows without being used  : ....( '...\AlpemixCMX.exe Teknopars grup1 PSW', ... )