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User Name

Your clients can get support by logging in with user name and password you assigned from your officials easily.

Set a user name for your clients:

After logging in with the main user name of your firm, you can create a new user by clicking the add contacts icon on the right of the customer main group.





Login of the clients with user name:

Clients log in by entering the main user name of your firm and their user name and password you assigned. They see the list of your support staff when they log in.

1- Logging in from Alpemix program:



2- Logging in from AlpemixCM module:

The difference of the CM module from normal alpemix is; it has a plainer screen and it can show the logo and greeting message you prepared on the screen. The logo you prepared is not visible during the first login of the user. It is visible on the next logins.



The Officials Can Connect to the Clients by Sending Them an Offer:

The officials double click to the name of the online user name they see on their list. They can send an offer from the menu section of the message window. If the other party accepts the offer, the official accesses to the other party’s computer.




How can I add logo for the AlpemixCM Module?

You can save your logo and greeting message to the system by logging in with your main user name.



What is the difference of the main groups?