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Name Surname

Your clients run the program. They write their names and surnames. And they can get support by reaching to your officials.

Connection by typing name and surname


Your customer or the person you will provide support will click on the help program on your webpage and choose the run option. S/he will type his or her name on the running program and press onto the connect button. And here s/he will find the authorized operators that will provide support!
The following 2 steps should be followed to do so (The company should have at least 1 pro user enabled)


Step 1:

For these procedures, your company should at least 1 pro user enabled. You can adjust the settings with the main user name or the super authorized downstream user name. The user to adjust the settings does not need to be a pro user.


The Alpemix.exe program will be run and logged in from the registered log-in section. On the list screen, you should right click on the group of Customers and choose the option as indicated on the figure.


Then you should choose the option as indicated on the figure and press on the save button.


Step 2:

Download the AlpemixCMX.exe module from the download section of our webpage onto your PC.
AlpemixCMX.exe ---> Company User NameCMXD.exe ---> For example: TeknoparsCMXD.exe
Change the AlpemixCMX.exe file name as indicated above. Type your company user name registered onto the system where written Alpemix in the file name field. Add D letter to the right of CMD phrase.
You can provide this file to your customers.Or, you can put it onto your webpage.


When this program where the name has been changed is run, it will directly ask for the name and surname of the user. Your own logo and opening message will be placed over the program.


When the user press on the connect button, they will be able to display the list screen where your authorized operators. They can easily correspond with the authorized operators getting online and accept the connection request from them and easily get support.


And your authorized operators can see this person getting connected under the group of Customers online. They can correspond on the window opened by double-clicking.


They can send offers on the private message window, and when the other party accept this offer, they can provide remote support for this PC.
If you don't want your customer to see support staff:
You must change the name of the application as follows.
AlpemixCMX.exe ---> Company User NameCMXE.exe ---> For example: TeknoparsCMXE.exe



You can register your logo and welcome message to the system by login with your main user name. Thus, the logo and welcome message that you added to the system appear on the Alpemix module.