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Pardus, Ubuntu
( Beta 64 Bit x86 )

64 bit (x86)  Alpemix 1.2 ( Beta )

After downloading the file, open it and paste the Alpemix file in it to the desktop.

* Fixed an issue where the application shut down when connecting to linux from a different device.

* When you connect to computers with more than one monitor, you can watch the monitor you want.

* Added option to remove services remotely

* "Login automatically with this user name and permanent access password when the program opens up" option has been added

* "Prevent sleep mode" option has been added

* Super admin users can also change the name that appears on the list of the service(installed with group password) from the menu.


The application was made compatible with pardus 19

  Alpemix 64 bit ( x86 ) Pardus, Ubuntu