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Alpemix Mac
Alpemix Mac General Module

Mac Os X Alpemix 1.9 (min. Os X 10.13)


After downloading, drag and drop it to the desktop.And run by double-clicking.

Click to access other files.

Released version fully compatible with Arm processors

* Even if the keyboard of the computer you are using is different from the computer you are connected to, you can use it without any problems.

* When you connect to computers with more than one monitor, you can watch the monitor you want.

* Added option to remove services remotely

* "Login automatically with this user name and permanent access password when the program opens up" option has been added

* "Prevent sleep mode" option has been added

* Shortcut keys have been activated when connecting to a mac computer from a Windows computer.

* Super admin users can also change the name that appears on the list of the service(installed with group password) from the menu.

* Numerous improvements and additions were made in different subjects.

* 64-bit version released

* File Transfer feature added


 * Remote support sessions can be automatically recorded and played as video.


 * Added dual monitor support for the computer sharing screen


 * Added the option to fit the remote computer image to the screen


 * You can invite other support staff to your remote session


 * Problem with connection to Retina displays solved


 * Added Unicode support for correspondence fields


 * The menu options for each remote connection window were placed in the system menu bar


 * Local log system added


 * Added feature of automatic recording of correspondence to computer


 * Added the ability to change group of users, password, limitations


 * Added option to show Mouse cursor on all connections

 * Now you can connect to mac os x computers for give support from any device


 * Improved performance


 * The connection was broken when it was on the backplane. Fixed.

* Beta version of Alpemix for Mac Os X was released.